The Perpetuuiti Platform

The Perpetuuiti Platform provides solutions that are simplistic, non-intrusive and scalable for digital enterprises of all sizes. Our products are modular and can be integrated with one another enabling SEAMLESS and iNTELLIGENt operations.

 Av3ar Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Computing and Machine Learning   Ops-Central
Robotics Automation – Business Processes & Software
Continuity Patrol
Intelligent Service Availability Management (iSAM) with CXO Dashboard and BIA & FIA
Dependency Discovery Engine
Intelligent AutoDiscovery and Application Interdependency Mapping in Real-Time
Data Migration and Replication (eBDR)
Intelligent Cloud & Data Migration and Block Replication
Continuity Vault
Intelligent Organizational BCP Management (iBCM)

Av3ar – A next generation Operations Management Engine that can interact with Humans to understand the task and uses Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Computing & Machine Learning technologies to Sense, Predict , Analyze & Resolve issues.