Smart Card

EMV Chip Card

Contact Card

Memory cards are popular high-security alternatives to magstripe cards in markets such as loyalty, school meals, laundry, car-parking, closed e-purse schemes and cashless vending. One key reason for the growth of memory cards is the fact they cost significantly less than micro-processor based cards. When the number of deployed cards is large, the cost savings can be significant. Please find below a variety of brands comprising the main types, ranging from memory cards with no security to those with protected memory or the later generation crypto-memory cards.

Dual-Interface Card

Contactless Card

A dual interface card is a microprocessor card which also has a contactless interface. It is a single chip consisting of both interfaces. These products are typically used in banking, transport markets, ID, Government and other areas that need larger memory than a standard contactless card, higher security and multiple interfaces.

Hybrid Card

A hybrid card has two chips, one with a contact interface and one with a contactless interface. The two chips are not interconnected. A dual-interface card has a single chip with both contact and contactless interfaces.

Applications Contactless smart cards are used in many applications, including public transport, access control, cashless vending, parking, loyalty, credit/debit cards, gambling, road toll, secure ID, electronic passports, driving licenses and GSM subscriber identity modules.