Money Handling Machines

Cash Recycling ATM (CRM)

Intelligent Cash Deposit / Recycling Capable ATM

  • Large Cassette Capacity with Small Footprint
  • Ensured Reliable and Secure Transaction
  • Lean and Stylish Design

Banknote Counting/ Sorting Machine

Reliable, Precise and Multi-Functional

MEROZA’s solution for Intelligent cash counting/ sorting is available with iH-110 Series which is reliable, precise and multi-functional cash counter/ sorter that provides a broad selection of options. It is an ideal choice for bank branches, back office in banks and cash-in-transit(CIT).

Cash Deposit Machine (CDM)

Intelligent Real-Time/ Online

MEROZA’s solution for Intelligent cash deposit machine is available to deposit a number of banknotes and to minimize installation area with its compact size. It’s software and hardware complex designed for automated acceptance, calculation, banknote authenticity control and storage of large cash amounts in 24×7×365 mode.