Bridging the real-life experience customers seek.

As the world heads decisively into a digital direction, eCommerce grows with that trend. Although the eCommerce market share in retail is still ‘only’ 12% globally in 2018, the strategic direction is clear. This trend of grabbing market share off ‘bricks and mortar’ will be amplified by new technologies that are being adapted around the world. An omni device and offline experience is very possible now with people getting a real life experience in store with deliveries before they reach their home at their doorstep.
AI will give unprecedented insight in not only payment and shopping habits but also to prevent fraud.
Tracking of offline sales gives insight into online sales, drones will deliver the goods and eCommerce will continue to offer different payment and purchase insurance models.


SmartVista’s eCommerce engine provides a secure, state-of-the-art gateway for internet payment processing.
In many parts of the world customers expect their card providers to offer a wide range of loyalty and reward programs.
Small businesses are the lifeblood of any economy. BPC’s SME MarketPlace is all about financial inclusion for small enterprises.